90% of startups fail.
Give your startup idea an unfair advantage

We help founders with great ideas grow great businesses.
Does that sound like you?

Work through the 99toLaunch online course to complete 99 comprehensive yet easy-to-follow steps
to validate, set up and launch your startup.

What do you get with 99toLaunch?

  • Learn from the experts

    The hardest part of a startup is figuring out the things that you don’t know you don’t know. Tapping into the expertise and knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs means you’ll progress better and faster.

  • A framework for success

    The 99toLaunch program gives you 99 days to complete 99 sharply focused tasks to help you validate your concept and find the best business, marketing and technology strategy for your startup.

  • Track your progress

    Each of the 99 step-by-step tasks in the course has a clear and practical deliverable that propels your startup forward, so every week you can measure what you’ve  achieved and the progress you’re making.

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Without BlueChilli we would have spent twice the amount of money on our business idea with only limited validation. Thinking big and being challenged every day by mentors with real world startup experience and successes has helped us grow as fast as we did, and the science behind the 99toLaunch approach kept us focused and motivated all the way.


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  • q-iconTake the first step

    One of the biggest challenges in starting a new business is that you often don’t know what the next step is. You have a great idea, and you can see what success would look like. But the steps between ‘zero’ and ‘hero’ are not always clear. There are mountains of books and blogs available on everything from user acquisition strategies to detailed conversion optimization tactics. But if you don’t even know to look for them what good do they do you? We’ve worked intimately with over 100 startups, and we’ve seen the same mistakes being made over and over again — most often it’s simply because of inexperience. Having an experienced mentor guide you through the process can be very helpful, and that’s exactly what this course offers you: a clear path to starting and launching your business.

  • q-iconAccelerated Learning

    More than 90% of startups fail. It’s a fact. Kinda… Because startups that have completed an accelerator program perform better. Research* from a cross-section of startups across the globe showed that accelerator-backed startups have only a 25% failure rate and a staggering 21% successful exit rate over five years. Accelerator programs achieve these results because they provide new startups with great value when it comes to a framework for success, experienced startup mentors and advisors, exposure and recognition, networks of investors and an ecosystem for success. The 99toLaunch program distils the essentials from BlueChilli’s proven accelerator program and delivers the key knowledge you need in a self-guided online format. No need to quit your job, no need to relocate to a new town. Get the benefits of a startup accelerator program in your own time, online, with 99toLaunch. We’re all about increasing your chances of success. * “Do Accelerators Help Startups? Here’s What We Found.” – Research by Second Century Ventures.

  • q-iconAnytime, Anywhere

    Not all entrepreneurs are ready or able to commit to a 3 month full-time accelerator program. Your idea might still be too early stage, you might still be looking for team members or you might have family or financial commitments that prevent you from packing it all up and launching into your venture full time. Or maybe you just want to test the waters and see if the entrepreneurial path is the right one for you. None of these reasons should prevent you from taking action and making your great idea a reality. The 99toLaunch course was designed specifically to allow entrepreneurs – regardless of your circumstances – to quickly progress your ideas from a concept to a real company with the minimum amount of risk. We’ve converted the guesswork into science with a proven framework that guides you through key methodologies like Lean Startup and Customer Validation, in an easy to follow step-by-step format. It’s the fastest, most effective way to test and launch a new startup.

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