Meet the team behind 99 to Launch

The team of executives and advisors at BlueChilli live and breathe startups.

BlueChilli’s advisors include some of the most experienced and successful startup founders in the Australian tech startup industry, with skills across software and hardware development, product management, business modelling, marketing, growth hacking, pitching and sales.

The advisors have founded, invested in and advised over 100 startups already and used this experience to build this course for you.

Meet our team…

After spending her previous years mentoring startups as the head of the Microsoft Bizspark program in Australia Catherine joined BlueChilli so she could bring her passion and experience across technology and business to help the BlueChilli startups achieve global success.

Catherine, Lead Startup Advisor

With an entrepreneur for a father, what choice did he have. Marcus is passionate about startups, and brings varied skills and business understanding to BlueChilli, having been involved in several startups as broad as Tourism, Marine and the Arts. He is a member of the CIE – working closely with UNSW students developing their entrepreneurial ideas as well as being involved in mentoring, judging and many of the Sydney/Melbourne startup ecosystem initiatives.

Marcus, Startup Advisor

Having dabbled in everything from garage style startups to multinational corporate gigs, Colette blends high-level thinking with a get-your-hands-dirty approach. She loves working with early stage startups working on problem-solution and product-market fit challenges, and particularly enjoys customer validation and growth hacking.

Colette, Startup Advisor

Startmate investor, active US and Aus angel investor, product Director at Yahoo Alan is responsible for advising startup entrepreneurs on digital strategy and growing BlueChilli’s brand.

Alan, Chief Growth Hacker

EY Entrepreneur of the Year Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin left a 10 year career as a weapons engineer in the Navy to to pursue his passion in working with start-ups. Eckersley-Maslin founded BRW’s 3rd most innovative company and Deloitte’s 7th fastest growing APAC company, BlueChilli which builds and invests in online companies by empowering non-technical entrepreneurs. BlueChilli has a vision to invest in 100 companies by 2016 and to-date has made 40 investments.

Seb, CEO

The BlueChilli team asked our impressive network of founders, investors and VCs to share their experience on the top reasons why startups fail, so that we could address them in the 99toLaunch course and help founders avoid the common mistakes. Turns out, the universal stumble blocks for startups are:

  1. A Small or Unscalable Idea
  2. No Competitive Research – Wrong Market Positioning
  3. No Go-To-Market Strategy
  4. No Focus
  5. No Flexibility – Know When to Pivot
  6. No Passion or Persistence
  7. Wrong or Incomplete Leadership
  8. No Mentors or Advisors
  9. Wrong Revenue Model

We took this on board and designed a course that teaches new founders the fundamentals to overcome these hurdles and launch their startup. We are very excited for you you, and our first piece of advice to you is just go for it!