How does the course work?

When you register, you’ll be enrolled into the online course and we’ll guide you week by week with concepts, tools, optional webinars and specific tasks to complete which will build your knowledge and your business. You will receive one weekly email giving you an overview of the topic you will focus on for the week, and a summary of specific tasks with links to the detailed step-by-step explanations and instructions in the online course.

What’s Covered in 99toLaunch?

99ToLaunch is jam packed with content that will be delivered to you over the next 14 weeks. The topics are grouped into the following modules delivered one week at a time:

  • Getting Started

    To get started there are a few things you need to think about with your idea, what problem are you solving and who you are solving it for. We start by defining these and also introducing some Lean Startup theories to prep you for next weeks work where we validate our idea.

  • Prove the Problem Exists

    A must do module before you fall into the same mistake that many entrepreneurs do and waste time and money building something no one wants. Learn how to ensure you have the right idea for the right market with this module.

  • Get Feedback on Your Idea

    Now that you have fleshed out your idea into a clear problem statement and know who you are solving this problem for – its time to get out and talk to your potential customers and validate this further.

  • Business Strategy

    Building an ongoing successful business is hard work. This week we focus on looking at the your current competitive landscape as well as start to flesh out your business strategy thinking for long term success.

  • Business Setup

    So you have decided to go ahead with this idea – there are quite a few formal things you need to do to set up your business. In this module we cover the main ones you will need.

  • Getting your Marketing Message Right

    Now you know what you are selling and to who, we need to really refine how we let them know. Getting the message right is key to this and in this module you will nail your tag line, key benefits and your call to actions for your customers.

  • Branding

    Once you know what you are selling and to who - its time to think about how you want your business to look and feel so that it matches your target audience and conveys the right messages to them.

  • Using Social Media

    In this day and age, you can’t ignore that social media will be a major aspect of how you can reach and interact with your audience. We walk you through the basics and give you some top tips to make sure you use this medium like a pro!

  • First User Acquisition

    Time to look at getting those first users loving your idea and eagerly chomping at the bit for its arrival. We share some proven growth hacking techniques to get you on your way.

  • Getting a Grip on Finances

    Cash Flow challenges can be debilitating. In this module we will be getting a grip on your startups fiducial requirements and some tools to help manage them.

  • Let's Talk Legals

    Launching a product online can be a veritable minefield of risks. We help you prepare for some of the more common pitfalls for an online startup with these guidelines and templates.

  • Get Ready to (soft) Launch

    It’s time to let your trusted first users get their hands on your product. Get set up to let them know and set up the systems to manage their feedback.

  • Dealing with Feedback

    Getting feedback can be a rollercoaster. We spent a lot of time validating what we think our users want in the first few weeks – now that we show them its always interesting to hear how we managed to get it right and wrong. Understanding what to do with that feedback and how to turn the first users into fans for your product is key to launching your MVP further into the world.


    All of you hard work is about to pay off. Get ready the press releases and implement the critical bugs and feedback you received from your early users so you can crack the bubbly and celebrate launching your startup!

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  • q-iconWhat is 99toLaunch??

    99toLaunch is an online course for startup founders, guiding you through 99 steps to launch your business in 99 days. We work with you to master startup fundamentals like validation, product development, user experience design, business structure and models, user acquisition and startup marketing.

  • q-iconHow much will this cost?

    There are a few options for the course so check out the packages page to see the details on how much each costs. It all depends if you want to work through the course in your own time, or immerse yourself in the startup culture at our incubator.

  • q-iconWhy BlueChilli?

    Each team member at BlueChilli believes in the power of startups and their passionate founders to change the world. We are committed to growing the global startup economy and thrilled that you’re interested in coming on this exciting journey.

  • q-iconWho is BlueChilli?

    The team of executives and advisors at BlueChilli live and breathe startups, and are regularly invited to be speakers, educators, advocates, judges, advisors and investors. We’re grateful and proud of the recognition our efforts have received.

  • q-iconWho are the mentors?

    The advisors at BlueChili have founded, invested in and advised over 100 startups already. You can read more about the team here Meet the Mentors

  • q-iconWhat will I learn?

    We worked with experienced entrepreneurs to design a course that teaches new founders the fundamentals to overcome these hurdles and launch their startup. We’ll make sure that you have all your bases covered in terms of business and marketing strategy, that you stay focused and enthusiastic, that you grow as a founder and launch your business in the shortest amount of time.

  • q-iconHow long will the course take to complete?

    Conveniently, it turned out that you can condense the startup journey into 99 essential steps. And for determined entrepreneurs, you can complete one step every day. And so, day by day, you’re building your business until one morning, on the 100th day – you wake up and realize that you’re ready to launch a serious business.

  • q-iconHow does it work?

    As per the course content list above, the 99toLaunch course is split into 14 weekly modules. When you sign up, you’ll be enrolled into the online course and we will guide you week by week with concepts, tools, optional webinars and specific tasks to complete which will build your knowledge and your business. You will receive one weekly email giving you an overview of the topic you’ll be focusing on for the week (for example customer acquisition), a summary of specific tasks for the week along with a quick glance of what was covered the previous week and what is coming up the following week so that you always know the relevance and how all the pieces come together.

  • q-iconWhy is it only available one week at a time?

    To help you maintain the laser focus required to execute on your startup, each new module will only be released weekly so that you don’t skip steps and jump ahead too quickly — we know how eager entrepreneurs are but we need to ensure you execute the tasks properly to achieve success! Once you’ve done a module it stays accessible forever so that you can go back to it anytime in the year when you need a refresher.

  • q-iconHow many hours a week will I need?

    We realise that you are busy and likely to be working through this course in addition to some other work or study. Because of that we have tried to limit each weekly module will take approximately 5-10 hours to complete.